TYPE A Control Unit (INCOTEX 133)

Technical Characteristics:

  • Two graphic LCD displays with a backlight
  • Thermal printer
  • easy paper loading
  • printing rate -75 mm/sec max.
  • thermal paper, width –57.5 mm, ⌀42mm max.
  • 38 characters per line
  • Keyboard
  • 12 digits keys
  • 6 functional keys
  • Interfaces: USB, RS-232C
  • Integrated Control unit (CU)
  • Cryptographic module TPM 2.0
  • Internet capable –Wireless and 3G
  • Micro SD memory card (16 GB)
  • External power supply adapter: AC 100-240V , 50/60 Hz, DC 9V , 3 A
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery: 7.4V, 1900 mAh
  • Lithium battery (3V)
  • Dimensions, mm: 223 x 195x 80
  • Weight, kg : ~ 0.900Functional
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Product Description

INCOTEX 133 is a TIMS ready Control Unit that will aid in enhancing tax compliance.

Functional Characteristics:

  • The ETR supports the communication protocols and data transfer between ETR and KRA server
  • The integrated Control Unit performs the functions of tax invoices validation, encryption, signing, transmission and storage
  • The ETRs ends each fiscal receipt to KRA server
  • The ETR supports update over the air from the manufacturer server of: PKI certificates, keys and security updates, HS Codes, VAT table, SSL version, Device firmware and OS
  • PLU database
  • 100 departments
  • PLU database
  • 100 departments
  • 10 operators in Registration mode and 4 passwords for the other four modes (X reports, Z reports, Programming mode, Service mode
  • Up to 8 VAT categories
  • 20 commodity groups
  • 10 units of measure
  •  15 types of payment
  • Printing of a graphic logo –384 x 144 pixels
  • Registrations of credit notes and debit notes
  • Registration of received on account and paid out amounts
  • A QR code is generated and printed in each invoice, corresponding to the Control unit invoice number
  • Reports: PLU and PLU groups report , PLU stock quantities, commodity groups report, departments report, VAT report, operators report, sales report, daily X report , End of day summary, Periodic reports by daily Z report numbers and by dates
  • Communication protocol between the ETR and a PC

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