RA08T Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Alarm System

Product number RA08T
Screen size 8 inch, IPS LCD screen
brightness 350 LU
Resolution 800*1028 HD screen
Camera Resolution 200W*200W
Camera quantity 3
Type RGB camera, living body dynamic binocular camera, thermal imaging camera
Aperture F2.0
Focal length 6mm
White balance automatic
Wide dynamic support
Angle Vertical wide angle
Horizontal angle
Core parameters CPU 4 cores, 1.8GHz
Device interface 2GB memory, 8GB storage
Interface Serial communication interface 1 RS232 interface
Relay output 1 relay interface
Wigan output 1 Wiegand output interface, supports Wiegand 26 and 34
Wigan input 1 Wiegand output interface, supports Wiegand 26 and 34
Network Interface 1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port, WIFI
Features Face Detection Supports detection and tracking of 5 people at the same time
1:N face Under the false recognition rate is 3 in 10,000,the recognition accuracy rate is 99.7%
Stranger support
Identify distane support
Living body detection support
UI interface configuration support
Remote device upgrade support
Stranger compared with ID card Support (purchase ID card reader separately)
Human temperature detection Human temperatur support
Temperature detection distance <1m
Temperature measurement accuracy ≤ ±0.25℃
Temperature measurement range 25℃~45℃
Thermal imaging field 32 X 32℃
Visitors’ temperature is normal then released support
Body temperature alarm value can be set support
Body temperature over temperature alarm support
General parameters Protection class IP42, certain dust and water resistance
power supply DC12V(±10%)
Operating temperature -10℃~60℃
(Optional thermostat))
Working humidity 10%~90 %
Power consumption 10W MAX
Device size 240*120*24(mm)
Weight ≈1.3kg
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Product Description

RA08T Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Alarm System

  • Support wired, wireless (2.4G Wi-Fi)
  • 8 inch IPS 800*1280
  • 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM
  •  Serial Communication Interface: RS232
  • 8 inch screen
  • IP42 Waterproof,
  • Support wired, wireless (2.4G Wi-Fi)
Suitable for office areas, hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops,
communities, public service and management projects and other places where face access control
is required

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