HP Mini 10-3000


  • Specifications: 6 Cell, Li-ion battery, Rated at 11.1V(10.8V Compatible) 5200mAh
  • Compatible Models: Laptop Battery for NY220AA NY221AA HSTNN-LBOC 537626-001 HP Mini 110 COMPAQ 110c 102, Mini 110-1000 Series: 110-1012NR 110-1013TU 110-1014TU 110-1015LA 110-1016TU 110-1017TU 110-1019TU 110-1020LA 110-1020NR 110-1025DX 110-1025TU 110-1027TU 110-1030CA 110-1030NR 110-1032TU 110-1033CL 110-1034TU 110-1035TU 110-1045DX 110-1050LA 110-1050NR
  • All Futurebatt Products are CE-/RoHS-/FCC- Certified and Built-in circuit protection ensure both safety and stability; Strict guidelines for compatibility, and standards compliance for environmental safety
  • 100% Brand New from Manufacturer; Rechargeable Up to 600 times over life of battery; Equipped with Higher Quality Cells yet has Same Size & Shape as an OEM Battery
  • This Product has 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE or 18 MONTHS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY! With Hassle-free Customer Service; Please contact us with any questions or concerns – we are here to help.
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Product Description

HP Mini 10-3000

Futurebatt 6Cell Battery for NY220AA NY221AA 537626-001 HP Mini 110 COMPAQ 110c 102 110-1033CL 110-1034TU 110-1035TU 110-1045DX 110-1050NR 110-1012NR 110-1013TU 110-1015LA 110-1017TU 110-1020NR 1025DX

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