Mifi Devices available in Kenya (Comparison)

comparing mifi options in kenya

Are you deciding which mifi device to purchase within the Kenyan market? Do you want to set up a home office but your area isn’t connected to any fibreglass provider?

Here’s a comprehensive article highlighting each device’s pro and cons and where to purchase them;

There are currently 3 main MiFi devices available in the market, namely;

  1. Faiba
  2. Telkom
  3. Airtel

Faiba MiFi

Faiba has the best prices for data bundles in Kenya. The device is available at Ksh 5,400 and comes with a free simcard kit.

Aside from the affordable bundles and easy set-up, you can access self-care for top-ups and sending airtime to other devices through our portal here.

You can confirm if your location supports Faiba network here.

Telkom MiFi

This device is supported by Telkom and has a download rate of 150Mbs per second. The number of users that can be connected is 16. You can purchase the device here.

Preview of the Telkom mifi device

Airtel MiFi

Airtel is another data provider in Kenya that provides a 4G enabled portable WiFi device that you can use for your internet connection. The device connects up to 32 devices. You can purchase the device here.

Sample image of airtel mifi device