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Clocking in and out

This is an attendance management essential – employees / students /field work, construction site, should be able to clock in,
register break periods, and clock out after the workday/school day is complete using either RFID, fingerprint, face recognition also
our solution include GPS, which makes attendance more reliable. Using the any of mentioned ways will reduce the risk of fraud or
“proxy” clocking in.More and more attention has been grabbed to safety on the way to school.


Creating and maintaining employee /student’s attendance records is a key HR responsibility in any organization. Basic report
generation, such as the number of check and check out, overtime, missed days Leave management, half days etc ., should be
available in an exportable report format.
Besides all functions of traditional time attendance, our solution includes SMS to Administrators(companies) or parents (schools)
mobiles in real-time.

Features That Set Your Attendance Management System Apart

In addition to the essentials and nice-to-haves, emerging capabilities such as cloud, self-service, analytics, and gig worker support
could help optimize performance and streamline HR tasks. By using CMTS Which Is Web based can be accessed from anywhere

Solution Features

Hand punch

A tamper proof system to ensure accurate identification & complete elimination of buddy punching. Hand punch works by capturing the 3-
dimensional hand geometry (i.e. length, width & thickness) of an individual and match it against stored template. The rugged built of this
hardware makes it an ideal choice in any kind of environment (even when dirty or greasy). The hardware can accommodate from 10 to
34,000 employees’ records.


Fingerprint Scanner is an ideal solution for facilities with controlled environment (i.e.offices etc.) This is an effective tool for identification
and could be attached to the Access Control System as well. The system permits storage of upto four fingerprints per employees to provide
flexibility. It provides low maintenance and quick registration.


An easy to use contact-less identification system that needs practically zero maintenance. All an employee does is wave the card to the
system to get identified and mark attendance.


We have integrated Time Master with various other devices available in market like:

  • Face recognition / Retina scan
  • Hand held/mobile recognition device
  • GPS based recognition device
  • Attendance kiosk (touch screen and bio-metric)

Related Products


  • Bank employee identification
  • Biometrics authentication can be done by internal staff authorization management to prevent insider fraud, or even through the background of staff operations tracking and recording.
  • This approach can improve the efficiency of the staff and the implementation of the accountability system more thoroughly.
  • The key of the financial business transactions is identity authentication. At present, Banks mainly use IC card, password, fingerprint, USB-Key, dynamic password and other methods for identity authentication, But these methods are easy to lose, Easy to imitate and other shortcomings seriously restricting the development of the financial industry, So financial industry needs a more Safe and reliable authentication method. Overview of the program
  • The biometric identification solution of CATMS includes fingerprint, face, iris, finger vein and so on, By uniqueness, safety and stability of life characteristics to verify the identity and ensure the safety of funds.


Staff Management:

  1. Know your staff’s attendance situation in real time no matter you are in office, at home or on business trip, as long as you have network.
  2. Easy to integrate with payroll system to pay salary
  3. Make your employees accountable for their time

  1. Only allow people to entrance at specific time with you can set according to your demand
  2. Check detailed records
  3. Open the door for visitors remotely
  4.  Group user to open the door


  • At present, there are more and more security risks around us, especially the safety of school students all of us are concerned. Students only in the school’s security can be guaranteed, parents can rest assured that the child to the school management. Whether students arrive in the school within the specified time, CATMS products can use  SMS notification to NOTIFY  parents, so that parents are assured. The school has also Realtime report to the administrator web or server based.
  • CATM can effectively prevent foreign unidentified tasks into the school, to protect students’ lives and property. Similarly, our products can be used in Dining hall, store, library.


  • GPS System:
  • Track your car easily. If you care about your car was stolen, our products can help you to solve it, no matter where the car is ,you can find it through our product’s GPRS system.


  • Secured Gate Door:
  • Workers need to register identity information, face, telephone, etc. for information registration. Workers in and out of the site in front of the card or check the face of the face verification, verification through the corresponding channel gate will be opened to achieve effective control of personnel entering and leaving the site. At the same time, the workers into and out of the site record upload management platform and as a time and attendance data, so that the attendance is rooted to avoid labor disputes, protection of workers’ rights and interests.
  • Attendance System:
  • We can work for the workers to the length of time, attendance, contribute to the settlement of wages. Make workers more efficient and HR less work! Avoid impersonation of time attendance.


With our smart lock system, only invited guests at specific time can open the door, no need you to answer the door again and again. You can also set an effective time which people must leave your house at that time or he will be locked in the house. Our smart lock also has a virtual bit code function skills. In front of or behind the registered password, you can enter the arbitrary number as a virtual bit code, useful to avoid the registered password leak.  No need key, no need to remember password, NFC and Bluetooth android smartphone. 


  • Access Control System:
  • A whole set of access control system includes front access control, card reader, electronic control lock, door switch, door button and emergency break glass button. It is mainly installed at the hospital room entrance to prevent unrelated person from entering, including the operating room, baby room, drug room and important room area, office area, equipment area, through set different parameters and permissions to improve the security.