4 ways to boost your business during Covid-19

boost your business

As we clock a second year of coping with Covid-19, many business have been forced to shut down or trim down operations. Fortunately, Kenyans are very resilient and this article may guide you to areas that you may have been overlooking to boost your team’s performance.


With the recent reset of the daily evening curfew to 8PM, business operating hours have been reduced and many business premises are locked up by 6:30PM to allow staff adequate time to make their way home. As a business owner, stress or worry will be detrimental to you and placing systems that aid you is very impactful.

Security doesn’t stop at hiring a part-time guard. Security is ensuring that in the event anything happened to your business assets or property, you will be alerted as well as have concrete untampered evidence for your insurance company.

CCTV systems may vary but the set-up is what makes the difference. Do you have access to your backup? How do you counter camera blindspots? How long is your security system up in the event of power outage? All this may seem irrelevant but we are in unprecedented times and staying in business means going the extra mile.

Biometric systems

For you and your team to stay productive, automation allows you to focus on money-generating activities. Biometric systems aren’t only used for security and restricted access, it also allows you to log on your team’s hours and enhance overall performance.

Biometric systems also improved your premises’ observation of Covid-19 regulations by limiting access as well as effective contact tracing in the event of a positive diagnosis.

Task management

Admin work can make you feel busy but is it making you money? Would you like to better track activities carried out to ensure every minute is well accounted for? Well, we can make it a reality for you. Introducing the CompNET Attendance Time Management System (CATMS) that helps you not only track time logs but also manage projects and action tasks better and remotely. If interested read more here or call us on +254722356620 for a quote.

Stable internet

Has your business gone fully digital? Having a Facebook page or social platform shouldn’t be the end of your path. Stable fiberglass internet enables you to integrate all parts of your business both in how you interact with your customers as well as how your staff’s workload is enhanced and backed up for future reference. Not sure where to start? We can handle a quick survey and hand you a quote that enables you to scale and grow despite the pandemic.